KONOS Academy (Grades 9-12)

The culmination of the Konos experience

Taught by Dr. Charles Thaxton, John Lee, and other gifted faculty members, students thrive.

High school students attend the one-day program on either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and receive instruction, interaction, and testing in both a large group and small group setting in the subject areas of history, English, and the year’s electives (see below). In class, they are given assignments for the rest of the week. Parents receive professional support, group activities, and an organized curriculum for the year. All classes are accredited.

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You have stretched (our boys) academically and helped them solidify their world view. They are better equipped to go out into the real world as critical thinkers.

–J.C., KONOS Academy father


Students who follow the four-year program and take selected Konos Plus Courses fulfill all the graduation requirements of the state of Georgia.

These courses are listed according to Georgia requirements and will appear as such on transcripts. Nevertheless, it is important to know that our history core incorporates literature, speech, writing, art, etc. into its weekly syllabus. For example, while studying the ancient world, the Old Testament is used as a skeletal outline for studies of surrounding cultures. During year 2, the Medieval World includes the early church and the New Testament writings. During year 3, the Age of Exploration includes much more than just early American history, with the history of Great Britain, Europe, and Russia from 1600-1900, including art and music history/appreciation. The foundation of America includes the formation of government. During year 4, more than mere American history is included as we move toward global economics and other world relations. Likewise, ethical issues become paramount during this time period.

  • Ancient World History – 1 credit
  • Christian Apologetics – ½ credit
  • World Literature and Composition – 1 credit
  • Speech/Drama I – ½ credit
  • Psychology and Career Search – ½ credit
  • Medieval World History – 1 credit
  • New Testament/Early Church – ½ credit
  • British Literature and Composition – 1 credit
  • Speech/Drama II – ½ credit
  • Health – ½ credit
  • Foundations in Finance – ½ credit 
YEAR 3: AGE OF AMERICA (2023-24)
  • American History – 1
  • American Literature and Composition – 1 credit
  • American Government – ½ credit
  • Speech/Drama III – ½ credit
  • Art and Music Appreciation – ½ credit
  • Modern World History – 1 credit
  • Modern Literature and Composition – 1 credit
  • Speech/Drama IV – ½ credit
  • Ethics – ½ credit
  • Economics – ½ credit

We’re so happy to be a part of something that has changed not only our daughter’s life (and by extension, ours), but is laying life-long groundwork for this whole group of kids! We never stop thanking God for the day we found Konos!

–D&G, Konos Academy parents


With sufficient training in reading, writing, and reasoning, KONOS students are now ready for high school, college-prep courses. Rather than piecemeal courses, students immerse themselves in a historical period, which integrates all their courses, while receiving accredited classes for each course.

The theme for 2022-23 is Roots.

Medieval World History - 1 credit

Elise Barrett / Dr. Charles Thaxton
The theme for 2022-23 is ROOTS: Rome to Renaissance. Using a variety of resources we will examine the roots of Western civilization, starting with Jesus Christ in the Graeco-Roman world, through the development of the early Church and expanding through Europe. Each year also reviews the big picture of history and geography. Students learn by lecture, personal research, and group presentations.

British Literature and Composition – 1 credit

Dr. Sharon Sellers, John Lee, Joanne Lee
English literature is coordinated with the history units. We will read and analyze a wide variety of plays, historical fiction and current works based upon the Middle Ages. Students practice vocabulary, grammar and writing skills each week through the composition of essays and papers.

New Testament/Early Church – ½ credit

John Lee
This year students will study portions of the New Testament, beginning with the Gospel of John and the “I AM” sayings of Jesus Christ.

Health – ½ credit

Health will be approached from a biblical worldview, incorporating basic anatomy and stewardship of the body.

Foundations in Finance – ½ credit

This course will provide an opportunity to learn and apply personal finance knowledge and skills. The student will study topics such as saving, budgeting, debt and consumer awareness.

Speech/Drama - ½ credit

Students gain confidence and competence in rhetorical skills through practice in public speaking and drama. Each year students participate in a major theatrical production.

Supplement the Academy program with additional classes

KONOS Plus Courses