About Konos

Konos is education through God’s eyes.

This means that we teach that God exists and is the author of all knowledge. He is the starting point. The word “Konos” is the Greek word for “cone” representing a biblical worldview. The inverted cone symbolizes God at the top of all life, not just “religious” life. His influence is seen both in creation (natural and physical sciences, geography, mathematical principles) and in His design of humans (philosophy, history, art, music, literature, technology, and law). Therefore, to be well educated means to have a thorough knowledge of theology, the sciences, and the humanities.

Konos one day programs offer the best of both worlds:

  • A biblical worldview education in a world that is moving in the opposite direction
  • 1-2 days of class instruction at Konos with assignments to be completed at home
  • An accredited classically rich curriculum to provide direction and accountability
  • Teaching students to think critically from a biblical worldview
  • Another authority to hold your child accountable
  • Absorbing, fun projects done “the Konos way”
  • Group and extracurricular activities (plays, sports, competitive fine arts, etc.)
  • Loving and competent teachers who pour their hearts into their students
  • A community that loves God and one another
  • Positive peer influence

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What do parents and students have to say?

What is distinctive about Konos?

classic curriculum
KONOS provides a classical education. This is not limited to the Graeco-Roman classical period or the trivium/quadrivium curriculum (based upon a Platonic model rather than a biblical model). We use the term “classical” to refer to that which is true, good, and beautiful from God’s perspective. With an understanding that God is the standard of truth, goodness, and beauty, there is a higher standard by which to evaluate all human works and a standard of performance toward which to strive. We choose to study time-proven works, read excellent literature, listen to classically appreciated music, observe fine art, and learn from admirable people. High standards of skills and conduct are held up for students to emulate. Students like learning at Konos because of its hands-on, experiential, challenging, fun-filled activities which supplement their classical education.
coordinating with parents
We believe that parents are the primary educators (i.e., trainers, mentors, nurturers, counselors, shepherds, disciplers) of their own children. Within this broad goal, they select the best avenue of education for each of their children. One option for schooling their children is the one-day core program. We aim to be very direct about our distinctives before a student is enrolled so that parents know what they are purchasing.  Parents are informed on a weekly basis of what is required by the student.
coordinated context
Konos teaches the “big picture.” Konos students understand that God exists and has communicated to this world, which establishes a framework for all subjects. Subjects are organized around thematic units so that history, art, music, literature, and English composition are all related to the same basic theme, showing students the big picture of how these disciplines interrelate.
captivating experiences
No matter how broad the context, no matter how well integrated the curriculum, no matter how true the material, it is not “digested” by the student if it does not captivate his interest. God created people to do (active), not just to receive (passive). One Konos goal is to create a love of learning and to guarantee that students really learn, not just cover, what is presented. Konos activities absorb the student’s interest and immerse him in a topic. Even high school students learn best and remember more from experiential activities.
“We can’t even begin to tell you what a positive impact Konos…has had on our son. Before Konos, he had been enrolled in both public and private school settings. These environments were not good fits…and we watched him flounder academically, spiritually, and socially… Fortunately, God guided us straight to Konos, and that made all the difference! (The teachers) have been lifesavers to us, combined with a rich curriculum and a wonderful mix of other students and families. Learning is a lot more fun and meaningful now. And we believe our son is getting the very best educational foundation he could possibly have to prepare him for whatever God has in store for his future.”
–S.C.H., KONOS ACADEMY parents
challenging self-learning
Konos Academy exists for more than entertaining and informing students. We want students to inquire on their own, to find answers to questions, to come up with creative solutions, to seek to learn more. Konos challenges students by giving them the responsibility of problem solving. This sometimes requires “gags and handcuffs” for us teachers who love to explain what we know. By quietly encouraging the student to ask further, to find answers on his own (“I wonder where you could find the answer to that question”), and to design creative expressions, the students build confidence in their ability to learn.
creative expression
As every teacher knows, something is not truly known until it is taught. Konos goes beyond just “covering” material. Unless a student is able to tell it or demonstrate it to someone else, he does not truly know it. If he can communicate it using his own words, or an artistic rendition, or a drama, or a musical composition, then it is evident that he knows it. Therefore Konos emphasizes rhetorical/creative expression in the arts and literature. Through these creative media, he both reinforces and refines what he has learned.
caring community
Konos emphasizes learning in tutorials and small groups. In this relational context, students feel comfortable to explore, to ask questions, to try new things, to fail, to excel. The teachers observe their areas of strength, weaknesses, learning styles, and interest areas. Within the context of small groups, problems are noticed immediately and attempts are made to adapt to the student’s particular needs. As opportunities arise to “love one another” we are drawing each other and others toward God.
character emphasis
We want the students to be smart, but also to be good. Of what value is intelligence without moral character? In fact, a smart criminal is more dangerous than an ignorant one. We agree with Theodore Roosevelt: To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society. Christian values are emphasized at Konos Academy. Christian character is modeled and integrated throughout the academic program, not just in a separate course in religion or ethics. We recognize that we staff are models and conduits of the kind of character that represents God, even though our modeling is imperfect. We desire for each student to have a loving, respectful relationship with God and with others. Character that is not exemplary is not tolerated.
Konos has transformed my children in the last two years we have attended. This is by far the best educational experience we could have hoped for. The curriculum is outstanding, the rigor is challenging, and the extra-curriculars are substantial.

Our Founders

After meeting at L’Abri and marrying in 1971, Charles and Carole Thaxton incorporated Konos, Inc. as a teaching, training, counseling center in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

After moving to Dallas, where Charles worked with Probe Ministries, the Thaxtons resolved to teach their own children according to the Konos model of incorporating academic subjects within a character development framework and called their home-school Konos Academy. Carole Thaxton and Jessica Hulcy co-authored the Konos curriculum unit studies. 
Dr. Charles wrote The Mystery of Life’s Origin in 1986. Translation of The Mystery of Life’s Origin and later The Soul of Science into several Eastern European languages led to extensive travel throughout Eastern Europe. The Thaxton family decided to reside in Prague for six years for more intensive ministry. Carole’s forte of education and counseling prepared her not only for home-schooling their own sons but in founding the Konos Academy of Prague. In 2001, the Thaxtons moved to Fayetteville, GA, and began Konos Academy. In 2017, the baton of leadership was passed to John and Joanne Lee and in 2019 Konos purchased their first school facility in Tyrone, Georgia. With nearly 400 students, Konos is working on plans for a multi-use building to meet their growing needs.

The scope and depth of the integrated course of study has provided (our daughter) with an informed and settled Christian worldview that I wish I’d enjoyed at her age.

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