Konos GOAL Scholarship Program / Apply

In 2008, the State of Georgia passed House Bill 1133 which allows interested taxpayers to receive a tax credit for donations made to approved Student Scholarship Organizations (SSO).

In essence, this legislation allows you to redirect a portion of your Georgia income taxes (up to $5,000 married filing jointly, $2,500 single) to the eligible private school of your choice through the SSO. In compliance with this legislation, these scholarships are available for new Konos students seeking private school enrollment. The program is targeted towards low to moderate income families who are looking for an alternative to public education.


Enrolling new students for 2023-24 beginning March 2, 2023.

Applications for tuition assistance must be submitted by June 15th.

Am I eligible?
To receive a GOAL Scholarship, you must meet a maximum income requirement and your child must currently be enrolled in a public school or homeschooled for the past year. If you are currently enrolled at Konos, or are enrolled in another private school, you are not eligible for this scholarship.

How much do I qualify for?
The amount of the scholarship is based on your income level and family size. Note: Scholarship amounts are determined by the GOAL Scholarship Program and Konos Academy and may be less than the maximum scholarship amount when awarded.

What if I have more than one child?
Scholarships are available for each eligible child. For example, if your income level and family size qualify you for a 50% GOAL scholarship, then each of your eligible children would qualify for a maximum of 50% towards their individual tuition costs.

Note: No application for tuition assistance through GOAL will be considered without an application for enrollment. At Konos Academy, a Tuition Assistance Application must be submitted with your Admission Application and enrollment fee.

Students must first be accepted into Konos Academy before a request from the school to GOAL is made on behalf of the parents. Once your child has been accepted for enrollment, Konos will forward the appropriate paperwork and a school recommendation to the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program for processing. Program officials will then review the recommendation and either approve, modify, or reject the request based on program funding.

For additional questions, please see the FAQs at www.goalscholarship.org
or contact John Lee.

Learn more about the program and how to be a contributor.

Georgia law allows its taxpayers to redirect a portion of their Georgia income tax to Konos Academy via the school’s partnership with the GOAL Student Scholarship Organization allowing you to control how some of your tax dollars are used and can help Konos and homeschool families with the tax dollars you normally give to the state!