Chess Team

The Konos Chess Team accepts 4th – 12th grade applicants. Students will learn the fundamentals and strategies of the game of chess while playing each other for practice and learning techniques for successful game victory. Members will compete in at least one official GICAA-sponsored chess competition. Additional competitions possible throughout the academic year.

When / Where: Practices will be held on Monday evenings starting in September from 5:15-6:45PM
Duration of Program: Fall semester through competition in February
Financial Commitment: $285


The Konos Chorus accepts 9th – 12th grade applicants. 7th – 8th students with exceptional musical abilities will be considered on a case-by-case basis. (Auditions will take place in August.) Chorus is designed to enhance the musical, creative, and expressive qualities of all students as they develop mastery of choral singing. Students will compete in a group ensemble, and selected applicants will be invited to participate in small vocal ensembles. Other events include participating in Konos’ Talent Show, performing at various Konos athletic events, end of year celebrations, and the Konos Graduation ceremony.

When / Where: Practices held Fridays (2:00-3:30) @ Konos Academy. Local performances held periodically throughout academic calendar.
Duration of Program: Fall and spring semesters

Financial Commitment:

  • $250 per semester
  • $50 enrollment fee

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