KONOS Academy is accredited with quality through the Georgia Accrediting Commission. The Georgia Accrediting Commission has provided and continues to provide leadership for education in Georgia. The accrediting process stimulates schools to provide better and safer physical facilities, and to improve the qualifications of staff members, teaching conditions, and curriculum. It also provides a valid means of judging the quality of schools. Accreditation by the Georgia Accrediting Commission has always been a way of recognizing schools with good educational programs. Its standards continue to serve as guides for those who want to develop good programs.

The mission of the Georgia Accrediting Commission is twofold

(l) to establish standards promoting instruction of high quality for children in Georgia and (2) to encourage schools to meet the established standards. GAC provides an accreditation process designed to establish and uphold standards, to strengthen the quality of education in each school, and to assure its membership and the general public that the established standards are related to the best educational practices.

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