Learn to Write the Novel Way

Learn to Write the Novel Way is a language arts curriculum for grades 5-12 that:
• Teaches all language arts skills in one writing project
• Provides a finished novel for the student’s portfolio
• Is multi-level (review for more advanced students and is introductory for the less proficient in writing skills)
• Reveals the gaps in a student’s writing ability and provides specific practices for areas of weakness
• Motivates students to want to write and write correctly
• Encourages independent work by “nuggetizing” the task into a thirteen-step process
• Is easy to use for the “coach” (teacher/parent) with clear lesson plans
• Can be used with a group

As parent/teacher we refer to you as “coach” since the best way to learn writing is through the coaching process. You will work along with the student to instruct, oversee the practices, and enjoy together the finished writing assignment each week.

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The Mystery of Life's Origin

Pioneering work by Thaxton, Bradley, Olsen, which paved the way for the Intelligent Design Movement. …very well thought-out and clearly written analysis of the alternatives to the accepted scientific theory of the origin of life. — Robert Jastrow, Founder and Former Director of the Goddard Institute of NASA

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The Soul of Science

[This book by Nancy Pearcey and Charles Thaxton]…should be read by all Christians interested in the relationship between science and their theological commitments. — J.P. Moreland, Professor of Philosophy, Talbot School of Theology, Biola University

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Write Your Roots

Another year-long writing project from Carole Thaxton. Learn language arts while writing your family history!

For all students, grades 5-12 Students like Write Your Roots because:
• I learned so much about my family.
• Our family got a lot closer as we shared our lives.
• I didn’t believe I could write a book, but I did!

Parents and teachers like Write Your Roots because:
• Use this energy for something productive!
• Finally, our family stories are being written!
• What a motivating way to get students to love writing!

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Write the Right Way

Carole Thaxton educates and entertains in this new, three-hour DVD presentation of her “Writing Workshop.” She guides parents in developing their children’s writing skills from birth through high school. On the second DVD Carole teaches the high school students of KONOS ACADEMY “How to Write an Essay.” This presentation will equip your teens to be more successful in writing their essays for the new SAT.

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