KONOS Academy provides, upon request, an accredited transcript for attending students. This transcript will reflect the total student, including core courses and electives. Test scores and extra curricula activities can also be noted. Our guidance counselor, Holly Hampton, will work with you to assure that your student will have all required courses to graduate in the state of Georgia. She will also assist as you plan for college, including applying for the HOPE Scholarship, if applicable. Testing reminders will also be shared. Let KONOS help you as you navigate the high school years. For more information and to discuss the fee schedule for obtaining a college transcript, please contact Holly Hampton.

Transcript Eligibility:

Students desiring a Konos Academy transcript must be enrolled at Konos Academy during their sophomore and junior years.

Grandfather Clause:  Any students who have been enrolled in Konos Academy in 9th and 10th grade before this policy change (prior to 2016-17 school year)​ will be permitted to graduate with Konos Academy and receive a transcript if they choose to do so.

NOTE:  The transcript service provided by Holly Hampton is optional/additional and not included with tuition.  A separate fee is due for this service.