KONOS Kidlets (Grades 1-3)

A directed co-op for ages 6-10

Wednesdays 9:15-2:45
Mom-group 9:45-10:30

Support and consultation with Carole Thaxton

A weekly at-home curriculum for parents

Contact Kidlets Lead Teacher – Sheila Lee

What is KONOS Kidlets?

KONOS KIDLETS is a program designed by Carole Thaxton for grades 1-3 (ages 6-9). The children will meet once a week 9:15-2:45.  They will be instructed by two experienced teacher-moms. Meanwhile, moms will meet for 1+ hours 9:15-10:30 with Carole Thaxton for weekly support (babies and toddlers may attend).

We are calling this a directed co-op. It is more than a playgroup but less than a formal program, i.e., appropriate for this age group. It is cooperative enjoyment and enrichment while absorbing new information and skills, readying them for more formal learning in KK. We hope to keep their interest and enthusiasm, not sap the delight of learning.

Why choose KONOS Kidlets for your child?

Kidlets (grades 1-3, usually ages 6-9) are at a pivotal point in their education. These are the years of determining whether the child will become a life-long learner. Some educational programs steal a child’s love of learning. Many forget the origin of all goodness, beauty, and truth. This won’t happen with the Konos Kidlets. This program will immerse the children in the goodness of God, the beauty of creation, the excellence of great stories, the joy of discovery, the value of Godly behavior, and the thrill of accomplishing cooperatively.

We believe that the formative years of learning should be at home. That’s why KONOS KIDS starts at 4th grade. We still believe this, but parents are asking for more help. They want supervision of the formative years of 6-9. They also want social interaction for their children at this age. For those who have children in the KONOS KIDS program, they’d like to share some at-home teaching time.  Also, they trust the KONOS leaders to recommend resources, sequence, training in character, etc. In other words, “I want to home-school but I need help!”

Program includes:

1) A curriculum for grades 1-3 containing:

  • A yearly scope and sequence
  • A weekly plan with the following
  • Recommended weekly activities
  • Recommended library books
  • Recommended Bible verses

2) A student workbook for each child (completed at the parent’s discretion)

3) A weekly co-op with other children

4) Weekly consultation with Carole Thaxton

5) Units coordinated with the KK units


Co-op features:

During co-op day, the 5 D’s will take place:

  • Doing (hands-on activities)
  • Discovering (experimenting, figuring out)
  • Dramatizing (acting out what they learn)
  • Dialoguing (narrating and discussing)
  • Drilling (playing games to reinforce)