1.  Students desiring to graduate with Konos Academy must be enrolled at Konos during their sophomore and junior years.

2.  Students who satisfy the requirement in #1 above, do not enroll at Konos Academy in their senior year, and wish to graduate with Konos, will be considered associate students.  The associate student fee will be $100/year.

3.  Students enrolled in Konos Plus classes only are not eligible to graduate with Konos Academy.

4.  Students desiring a Konos Academy transcript must satisfy the requirement in #1 above.

Grandfather Clause:  Any students who have been enrolled in Konos Academy in 9th and 10th grade before this policy change (prior to 2016-17 school year)​ will be permitted to graduate with Konos Academy and receive a transcript if they choose to do so.

NOTE:  The transcript service provided by Holly Hampton is optional/additional and not included with tuition.  A separate fee is due for this service.