What is AmazonSmile?

AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support Konos Connection every time you shop, at no cost to you. When you shop at, you’ll find the exact same low prices, vast selection and convenient shopping experience as, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate .5% of eligible purchases to Konos Connection.

How do I shop at AmazonSmile?

To shop at AmazonSmile simply go to from the web browser on your computer or mobile device. You may also want to add a bookmark to AmazonSmile to make it even easier to return and start your shopping at AmazonSmile.

Which products on AmazonSmile are eligible for charitable donations?

Tens of millions of products on AmazonSmile are eligible for donations. You will see eligible products marked “Eligible for AmazonSmile donation” on their product detail pages. Recurring Subscribe-and-Save purchases and subscription renewals are not currently eligible.

Can I use my existing account on AmazonSmile?

Yes, you use the same account on and AmazonSmile. Your shopping cart, Wish List, wedding or baby registry, and other account settings are also the same.  If you are an Amazon Prime member, you continue to enjoy those benefits also.

How do I select a charitable organization to support when shopping on AmazonSmile?

On your first visit to AmazonSmile, you need to select a charitable organization to receive donations from eligible purchases before you begin shopping. We will remember your selection, and then every eligible purchase you make on AmazonSmile will result in a donation.

One-time sign-up Instructions

  1. Enter  “”  in the address bar.
  2. Sign in to your existing Amazon account using your email address and Amazon password OR create a new Amazon account.
  3. Select a charitable organization.  Type “Konos Connection” in the search box.  When Konos Connection appears, click on the “Select” button for Konos Connection.
  4. You have successfully registered for the program.  All pricing and benefits are the same as you currently enjoy.
  5. Now bookmark “” to make it easier to return to this site when making purchases, OR simply type in this address in the address bar each time you go shopping at Amazon.


Publix Partners program offers Konos Academy another great fundraising opportunity that is very easy to do and costs you nothing. By simply scanning the Konos Publix Partners card before paying for your purchase at ANY Publix grocery store, Publix will donate a portion of your sale directly to our school. Simply attach the card to your keychain.  If you or anyone else you know is a customer of Publix and would like to help Konos, contact John Lee for a Publix Partner card  and he will be happy to provide you with as many as you need.


Konos Academy is enrolled in Kroger’s Community Rewards Program. This program will link purchases made with your Kroger’s Plus Card to Konos Academy so that a portion of the sale is donated back to Konos.  To participate:

  1. Have your Kroger Plus Card available and ready for reference, or obtain one from your local Kroger.  This process can be completed with an old or new card.
  2. Go to
  3. Click on “Sign In” if you have an existing account.  Provide email address and password.
  4. If you do not have an account, click on “Create an Account”.  Provide email address and password, select nearest store and click on “Create Account” button at bottom of page.
  5. Account should be established.  Confirmation email will be sent to you.  Go to email and click on link to confirm.  That will activate your account.  Go back to enrollment process at Kroger website.
  6. Next page will ask for Plus Card # and last name.  Use the back of your Kroger card to find your Plus Card #.  Enter that number in the first box, your last name in the second box and click on “Save”.
  7. Next page will be “Account Summary”.  Scroll down to bottom of page and click on “Enroll” button under “Community Rewards”.
  8. Type in Konos Connection in box or our NPO #  60006.  Click on “Search” and Konos Connection will appear the box below.  Click on the little circle icon next to Konos Connection and then click on “Enroll”.  You are now enrolled.
  9. The Sign In box will appear.  Enter your email address &  password to see your account.  In your account you will see all of your personal information as well as your active membership in the Community Rewards Program.

Present your card to the cashier to be scanned each time you shop at Kroger.  A percentage of the sale will be donated to Konos.


School ID #   770-632-0771

Present your Konos Staples Card with Konos ID # to the cashier each time you make a purchase at Staples and Konos will receive 5% of the purchase on eligible purchases.  We will be able to use those rebates toward the purchase of any supplies at Staples.


School ID #   70231021

Present your Konos Office Depot Card with Konos ID # to the cashier each time you make a purchase at Office Depot and Konos will receive 5% of the purchase on eligible purchases.  We will be able to use those rebates toward the purchase of any supplies at Office Depot.


This past December 2013, Konos was approved as a partner with Georgia GOAL and established a Student Scholarship program to provide financial assistance to new families enrolling in Konos for the first time for the 2014-15 school year.  The program allows Georgia residents to redirect a portion of their Georgia income tax liability to the participating private school of their choice.  Through this program and the participation of 27 families, Konos now has over $40,000 to apply to the tuition of incoming students.  Further details are provided below from the FAQ section of the Georgia GOAL website.  Please go to the website for the complete list of questions and much more information that is available so that you will fully understand the program and jump on board.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the history and purpose of the tuition tax credit legislation that gave rise to the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program?

In 2008, the Georgia General Assembly passed House Bill 1133 (HB 1133) and Governor  Sonny Perdue signed it into law. The legislation was further amended in 2011 (HB 325)  and 2013 (HB 283). The law provides for the creation of student scholarship organizations (SSOs) to which Georgia individual and corporate taxpayers can contribute in exchange for a state income tax credit and possible federal charitable income tax deduction. The SSOs use the contributions to award scholarships to students from K-12 public schools so that they can attend the private schools chosen by their parents. Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program, Inc. was the first SSOs to be recognized by the Georgia Department of Education.

2. What other schools are participating in Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program?

There are presently 120 GOAL Participating Schools from throughout the state of Georgia. The list of GOAL Participating Schools accessible on the GOAL website       at:

 3. How does our school benefit from this legislation?

As a GOAL Participating School, our school is eligible to promote the GOAL program to   its donors who can designate that their contributions to GOAL be used to provide scholarships at our school. Thus, our school will be able to increase the amount of financial aid for which its students and their families are eligible. This could result in    increased enrollment, increased tuition income, and increased opportunities for deserving students and their families to become a vital part of our community.

4. How does the Qualified Education Expense Tax Credit work?

Because there is a limited amount of tax credits available each year, a taxpayer who is interested in contributing to GOAL must express his or her intent to do so to the Georgia Department of Revenue (“DOR”).  If there are still tax credits available, the DOR will  inform the taxpayer to proceed with his or her contribution to GOAL. So that interested contributors are not burdened at all by this process, GOAL and our school make the pre-approval and contribution process very easy to complete. Once approved, the taxpayer contributes to GOAL and designates our school as the place at which he or she would like the contribution to be used in providing scholarships to qualified students (who we recommend to GOAL at the time they apply to the school). Once the contribution is received, GOAL sends a notice to the taxpayer, who can then take an income tax   CREDIT against their Georgia income taxes for the amount of their contribution made   that year. In cases where the taxpayer itemizes his or her federal income tax deductions, a federal charitable income tax deduction may also be available for the amount of the contribution. Thus, if a married couple filing a joint return owes $6,000 of Georgia  income taxes and makes the maximum contribution to GOAL of $2,500, they will only have to pay $3,500 ($6,000 less $2,500) of income taxes to the state of Georgia. GOAL provides very straightforward filing instructions to its contributors so that they know exactly how to claim the education expense tax credit on their Georgia income tax return.

5. What is the maximum amount that an individual can contribute to GOAL in exchange for a Georgia education expense tax credit?

Each calendar year, until the annual cap on available education expense credits is reached:

A married couple filing a joint return can re-direct up to $2,500 of their income tax payments to GOAL.

A married couple filing a separate return can re-direct up to $1,250 of their income tax payments to GOAL.

An individual can re-direct up to $1,000 of his or her income tax payments to GOAL.

An individual who is a member of a limited liability company, shareholder of an “S” Corporation, or partner in a partnership (pass-through entities) is allowed a Georgia income tax credit for up to $10,000 of the amount they contribute to a SSO, so long as they would have paid Georgia income tax in that amount on their share of taxable income from the pass-through entity. (See Q&A items 39. through 44. for more information for owners of pass through entities.)

6. Do I have to donate (redirect) the full amount allowed?

You may donate as little or as much as you want up to the following limits: $2,500 for a married couple filing jointly, $1,250 for married people filing separately, $1,000 for an individual filing singly, and $10,000 for an individual owner of a pass through entity.

7. Can corporations contribute to the Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program?

Yes, corporations can receive a tax credit for amounts contributed to the GOAL  Scholarship Program and many corporations have done so. For “C” corporations, the tax credit is available up to 75% of their annual Georgia income tax liability. Members of limited liability companies, shareholders of “S” Corporations, and partners in partnerships  are allowed a Georgia income tax credit for up to $10,000 of the amount they contribute to a SSO, so long as they would have paid Georgia income tax in that amount on their share of taxable income.

8. I don’t have the money to make a $2,500 payment. What other options do I have?

You have the option of making a donation of any amount you can afford. You may then file for approval again later in the year and, if credits are still available, make an  additional donation. As long as tax credits are available, you may continue filing for approval and making donations. You may also use a credit card to make your donation. Lastly, some taxpayers have lowered their state tax withholdings and saved the additional funds not taken out of their paychecks until they have sufficient funds to make a $2,500 donation. They then raise their state tax withholdings to the previous level. To do this, you must be sure that you owe at least $2,500 in state taxes. Please consult with your accountant first.

9. Is there an age or other restriction on who can participate in this program?

There are no age restrictions on who can participate in this program. As long as you owe state taxes, you can redirect your Georgia income taxes to GOAL.


View many more questions on the website at


What is Goodsearch?

Goodsearch is a simple way to make a difference — each time you search the web (though Yahoo!-powered Goodsearch), shop online (at the 2,800+ stores on Goodshop) or dine out (at 10,000 Gooddining restaurants), Goodsearch will make a donation to Konos Connection.

What is the Goodsearch search engine?

It’s a patent-protected, Yahoo!-powered search engine that you use exactly as you would any other search engine. The difference is, and here’s the exciting part, each time you do a search, about a penny is raised for Konos Connection. The more you search, the more you earn for your Konos, and combined with many others working together, your searches can make a real impact for Konos. Put simply: you search, they give!

One-time sign-up Instructions

  1. Type in “” in the address bar.  Click on red “get started” box.
  2. Enter cause “Konos Connection” and hit enter key.
  3. On next page, click on “sign up with email”.
  4. Enter name, email and password.  Uncheck box that says, “Keep me posted on ways to help my cause.”  Then click “sign up” button.
  5. Click on orange box, “please re-send email now” to confirm account.  Then check your email for message to confirm your account.  Click on the “Confirm Account” button in the email.
  6. Now you will be in the goodsearch site with your earnings details and the total amount that has been raised for Konos by all users contributing to the school.  As everyone uses the goodsearch site and searchbox the totals will continue to grow.
  7. If you exit goodsearch, simply type in goodsearch in the address bar, click enter, and your account will pop up for you to begin searches again.  If you wish to make goodsearch your default browser, see instructions below.  Once that is done, you will automatically use the goodsearch search engine without having to type in anything in the address bar and the donations will continue!      
  8. If you click on the “goodshop” tab at the top of the page you will be able to contribute additional money to Konos through purchases made through many of your favorite retailers.  Many coupons are available.  The same is true of “gooddining” under the “more ways to raise tab.”
  9. To make goodsearch default browser:  Click on “goodshop” tab and then scroll down slightly and click on blue “download” button for “goodshopto-go browser add-on”.
  10. Box will pop up; click on “Add”.  Box will pop up in upper right corner.  Click on “x”.
  11. Click on “goodsearch” tab on left side of page at top.
  12. Toward bottom right of page, click on “never miss a Goodshop opportunity”.
  13. Click on blue button at bottom right of page, “goodsearch app”.
  14. Click on red button, “install goodsearch app for chrome” and then click on “ok” button in popup box.
  15. Go to “settings” (in Chrome that is the icon with three bars in the upper right corner of the screen), look for “Search” and click on “Manage search engines”.
  16. Find “Goodsearch” under “Other Search Engines”.  Run cursor over right end of Goodsearch entry.  A box should appear that says, “Make default”.  Click on it.  That will move Goodsearch up to the “Default search settings box” and make Goodsearch your default browser.  Click on “Done” at the bottom.
  17. You are finished.  Now, every time you click on a new tab or click on Chrome on your desktop, Goodsearch will be the search engine and you simply do your search in the address bar.  If you wish to change back to Chrome (or another search engine) as your default browser, go back to “settings” and “Manage search engines” and click on the browser of your choice to make it your default browser.


What is Scrip Fundraising?  It’s fundraising while you shop!®

Scrip fundraising is a no-selling program that enables families to raise money for their non-profi­t organization (NPO). Scrip is just another way to pay for everyday purchases using gift cards in place of cash, checks, and credit cards.

You purchase gift cards from your organization at face value, and your coordinator orders those cards from Great Lakes Scrip Center at a reduced price. Or, you can print off e-cards immediately from many of the participating stores and restaurants using ScripNow!  The difference is an instant rebate for your organization. It’s really that simple!

Great Lakes Scrip Center offers over 300 of the country’s biggest brands, including grocery, department stores, gas stations, restaurants, hotels, home improvement, and more. Just by using scrip to pay for your normal weekly purchases, you can easily raise $500 or more per year. It’s time to put your shopping dollars to work!  Please contact the Scrip Administrator, Marielle Hersey, to participate.

Enrollment Code: 2E744L7639192            

Family Sign-up Instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Family Signup”.
  3. Fill in fields for Family Registration.  Write down Username and Password on lines above.
  4. Click “I accept”.
  5. Select security questions and provide answers (write down answers).
  6. Enter enrollment code above.
  7. Click “Join”.
  8. Click “Default”.
  9. Click “here” in box to create PrestoPay.
  10. Read and then click “Yes, and I agree”.
  11. Enter bank information and validation code and then click “next”.
  12. Follow steps and enter PrestoPay Pin # (write down Pin # above).
  13. Write down approval code #.
  14. Go to “MyAccount” and start shopping!

Ways to Shop:

  • Shop at ScripNow! and get e-cards printed off  your printer for immediate use.
  • Order scrip cards for everyday purchases, or gift cards, using PrestoPay (debit from your  checking account.)

Orders for plastic scrip/gift cards are released on the 15th and 30th of each month.  All payments are processed using PrestoPay (debit from checking account).

Sample of Participating Companies and Rebate

Please Note: Discounts subject to change without notice.


Konos Academy already participates in Box Tops for Education.  Each box top is worth 10¢.  There are hundreds of products that are eligible and are located throughout your grocery store.  So, please check all of the products you buy for the box top label above and cut them out. Box Tops can be dropped off at Konos Academy or delivered Margaret Davis We will bundle them and mail them into General Mills to be processed.

Labels for Education

Konos already participates in the Labels for Education program.  The Labels for Education program is a school fund raising program designed with busy families in mind as an alternative to traditional fund raising. By saving and redeeming product UPCs and beverage/sauce caps from participating products, schools can earn FREE educational merchandise, such as computers, software, sports equipment, musical instruments, library books and even a minivan. The school community can assist by saving UPCs and beverage/sauce caps from participating products and giving them to the school. The school redeems the points collected for FREE Educational Merchandise.  Simply clip, save and then bring in to Konos.

Over 2,500 products are eligible and the participating brands are pictured below.

Participating Brands

School Account # 3021-4000-1837-699.


If you are a school, business, community organization, sports team, religious group, or just a group of friends and you are looking to raise much-needed funds, Green Hippo is the perfect program for you! By collecting used/empty printer cartridges, filled new OEM printer cartridges, used/new cell phones and electronics, with, you will easily add necessary funds to your organization’s efforts. is a completely online recycling program that pays top rates for all of your items. The best part of using our recycling fundraiser is that you get paid much faster with us than with any other online recycler. Our website allows you to indicate how many of each item you have so you can keep track of how much money you have coming to you. Then, when we send your shipping label and you send your items, you will get paid immediately with PayPal or within 10 business days by check!

If you will donate (bring to school or email me to arrange pick up or drop off) your new or empty ink & toner cartridges, cell phones, iPads and Tablets to Konos, Green Hippo will pay us for each item that is qualified according to their list.

Please take a moment and browse the website at  The “Frequently Asked Questions” section is very helpful and will get you acquainted with the program.  If you have items to donate, please:

1.  Go on the website and look up your product to confirm that it is eligible for collection.

2.  Make sure the product is not damaged.

3.  Send them in to school with your kids, or

4.  Email me to make other arrangements for pickup/delivery.